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Therapy is for everyone!

I am a big advocate for therapy or counseling. I personally have been to at least 4 different therapists in my life and they have helped me in so many ways. When I was younger I struggled with depression and anxiety. My parents got divorced when I was 10 and for the longest time I have thought that was when it all started.

You see for a lot of people, traumas from when you were little can affect you in adulthood. Some people don’t even realize it is until they see a therapist or counselor and they uncover something in the past that could be affecting them today.

I have put some pieces together recently on some things going on in my life today, that have stemmed from something back when I was younger. Thanks to a great new therapist we are currently working some of these things out! Therapy can help in a multitude of ways. Give it a try if you find yourself struggling with something. Read the article below for a deeper perspective on this topic.

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